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Behind the rising prosperity and all the technological developments happening around the world, there is an invisible India where millions of children languish in deprivation. The plight of a newborn baby, deserted by a family under stress, sometimes by the roadside or riverbank is hard to imagine. Adruta came into existence to provide shelter, hope, and holistic nurture to such children in need of care and protection. Adruta Children Home came into existence through the initiative of Prof Mohanty and modest savings of core volunteers in 1998. Currently, Adruta has eleven centers across the state of Odisha with 450 children (girls and boys of varying ages from one month to eighteen years).

In Adruta, it is believed that every child is endowed with certain unique disposition and ability. Given a supportive home and protective nurture, every child can be helped to develop his or her innate potential and earn a meaningful place in the society.

Anish Mohanty, a junior at Moreau Catholic High School have been associated with Adruta for some time now. Anish loves to tell stories through videos and movies. Last summer Anish spent several weeks at multiple different Adruta homes, capturing the details of their touching stories. Anish created this documentary to spread the awareness and generate support for this wonderful cause.

On 31st March, in partnership with IASF, a fundraiser event was hosted in Bay Area, California. The event was attended by more than 170 people and the keynote address was given by Padmabhusan Dr. Jogesh Pati. It was a ai???Story about Humanityai???.

Please provide your support for this wonderful cause and deserving children at Adruta Home.


THIS FUNDRAISING HAS ENDED. Please click here to donate towards IASF’s projects for needy children.

The donated amount is tax deductible and no goods or services will be provided in exchange for this donation.