Family Support Housing

Family Support Housing

Family Supportive Housing (FSH) is an organization that has been helping homeless single and two-parent families with children remain together while addressing their needs for food, shelter, employment, and education, for thirty years now. Their mission is to help families avoid the trap and cycle of homelessness by helping them get on their feet immediately after a tragic event such as job loss, home loss, etc. Their shelters accommodate up to 35 families at a time for up to 90 days and close to 60% of their residents are children under the age of eighteen.

In light of COVID-19, IASF reached out to its local community to partner with Family Supportive Housing (FSH) in East Side San Jose. Struggling to meet demand during lockdown and quarantine restrictions, IASF fundraised to donate essential items such as groceries and cutleries for families and learning tools for kids. 

With more than half of their residents being children, they don’t have access and resources to remotely participate in digital learning during the pandemic. To help overcome this technological barrier, IASF provided FSH with 10 laptops to address education equity in its neighborhood. These laptops can be used by all future families that may stay at FSH and kids looking for educational support and additional help.

Together we can sustain and thrive in this difficult time as a community in a much broader way.

IASF leadership team: Mita Maharana, Atasi Gantayat

Here is the video where a few of the IASF board members discussed the goal and the impact of this initiative.