IASF and Shikhya

IASF and Shikhya

On April 1, 2021, IASF launched a new initiative called IASF Shikhya, in partnership with Aveti Learning. The goal of this initiative is to provide world class, digital learning to underprivileged students in grades 1-10 in Odia-medium schools all over Odisha. Each government-run, Odia-medium school has many students from poor families who can’t afford after-school tuition, which is essential in proper learning of the subject matters taught in classrooms.

With the IASF Shikhya program, these students can get an annual subscription to the state-of-the-art Aveti Learning App, with access to extensive course content, including over 3000 videos and 60,000+ problems. All content is based on the school board syllabus and is regularly updated. Equipped with the Aveti app and the online content, these students can augment their learning from the classrooms and perform better on standardized tests. The combination of cheap smart phones and sharp drop in cost of mobile data has made apps such as Aveti Learning accessible to people at the lower end of economic status.


Because of the online delivery of the content, we will have full insight into the engagement and progress by each student. This will allow us to monitor the overall success of the program and make necessary changes, as needed, to improve the program. We have started an initial pilot with 100 students in Bhubaneswar to get the mechanics of running the program fine tuned. We will be expanding it to 1000 or more students with the help of donors who would like to support this program.

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