Prashanti School – Chemistry Lab

Prashanti School – Chemistry Lab

Prashanti International School is located in Puri, Odisha, India. It serves students from nearby villages. Most of the students are either orphans or severely economically disadvantaged. This school was built by World Family Foundation (WFF) which is based in Ojai, California, USA. For the last 20 years, WFF has been committed to helping the poorest of the poor children to break the barrier of poverty by providing quality education.

WFF’s mission aligns with that of IASF. We first worked with WFF in 2020 when the IASF Sacramento team donated $1000 towards Prashanti School’s new Medical Fund.

2023 Goals

The school is expanding to serve more students and provide better education. The school needs funds for adding physics and chemistry labs, which IASF is raising funds for.

The fundraising goal: $7,000